Timing Trades Using Price Bars and Chart Patterns

Like many of us you probably use technical analysis to gain an edge in the markets. When you look at a price chart, what do you see? A bunch of ticks, some ups and downs, perhaps a pattern? Do you see the trend, support and resistance levels, and who’s in charge of the market — the bulls or the bears?
Learn to spot these critical elements and more in Elliott Wave International’s free eBook, Learn to Identify High Probability Trading Opportunities Using Price Bars and Chart Patterns.
In this free 14-page eBook, EWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy will teach you how to look at your charts and find critical support and resistance levels. Even more importantly, you’ll learn what these levels mean to your trading positions and stop levels.
You will learn how to look at the simplest part of the chart — the price bar — so that you can determine the next most likely market move.
Jeffrey pulls from over 15 years of experience analyzing and trading the markets, to teach you the very same techniques that helped him become a successful trader.
Learn how to identify trading opportunities using price bars and chart patterns.
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